Our Goals

  • Non-Stop Passenger Flights to the most popular destinations- LA Basin/Las Vegas/Phoenix/ SF Bay Area
  • Major Airline Service to a Major Hub
  • Bringing Visitors to the Mid-Valley
  • Connecting Salem to the World

Briefing The Effort

The Fly Salem Steering Committee was formed in 2018, and is anchored by representatives from Travel Salem, the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce, the Strategic Economic Development Corporation (SEDCOR) and the City of Salem Airport Manager.

Private funds were used to buy a “Leakage and Retention Study” and subsequent Strategic Plan through Volaire Aviation Consultants. The study was updated for calendar year 2019 as a pre-pandemic benchmark. With this data- we learned how many people are flying, from what zip codes, where they fly, and what they pay. The second study was paid for largely with a ROAR Grant from the Oregon Department of Aviation, in addition to matching private donations.

There is a conservative figure of 600,000 people in the “catchment area” from which we expect to draw local passengers. The Mid-Willamette Valley has one of the highest populations and economies of many western cities that currently have service.

In the last 4 years we have met face to face with the following airlines: aha!, AirBahn, Alaska, Allegiant, American, Avelo, Breeze, Contour, Frontier, SkyWest, Southwest, Spirit, Sun Country, United.

(Minimum Revenue Guarantee)

To attract a major airline we need to put together a competitive and complete recruitment package. That entails:

  • Data demonstrating demand in the “catchment area,” which we have in the “Leakage and Retention Study.”
  • Community and regional support- especially the business community. This is in place and growing. See Letters of Support page.
  • A marketing plan to promote the new service: Travel Salem has prepared a 2-year marketing plan, and it has been funded by the ROAR Grant. See Grants page.

And now lastly, a Minimum Revenue Guarantee (MRG).

Letters Of Support

We have received support ranging from the casual traveler to major employers and US Senators, many of which have written formal letters.

Click on the names below to read their letter of support:


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