The Fly Salem effort has sought three grant sources, achieving two and anticipating the third in Summer 2022.

Grant One: ROAR

The first grant, was awarded by the Oregon Board of Aviation and administered by the Oregon Department of Aviation (ODA) It is called ROAR (Rural Oregon Air Relief program), and we were awarded a $500,000 grant to pay for the following two items: 1) the recruitment process including a professional consultant, and 2) the execution of a marketing plan once we acquire service. At least $250,000 will be available to market the new service and raise awareness throughout the region.

The grant money comes from aviation fuel taxes specifically earmarked for this kind of effort.

The Applicant and Grantee is the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce.

Grant Two: State Allocation for Salem Airport

In the 2022 short session, HD 19 Representative Raquel Moore-Green secured $540,000 for the Salem Airport in order to buy equipment and upgrades necessary to provide ground services for the carriers and TSA. This should allow for many years of services and open the airport up to additional charter flights as well. We appreciate her advocacy and help.

Grant Three: SCASD

The third and still critical grant, offered by the US Department of Transportation (DOT), is called SCASD (Small Community Air Service Development).  We’ve contracted with Volaire Aviation to write the grant application. We submitted our 1st application in July 2019 but we were not selected. We submitted our 2nd application in February 2021 and were not selected.
The application requests $850,000 with $50,000 allocated to marketing and the remaining $800,000 to be used as part of the MRG (minimum revenue guarantee) fund. Combined with an anticipated $700,000 local fund, the MRG is planned to be a minimum of $1.5 million. This is likely to be split to recruit more than one carrier.

John Paskell, Salem’s Airport Manager, is the applicant, but the application will be composed by Volaire Aviation and paid for with private sector contributions and ROAR grant funds. Travel Salem will be the fiduciary and holder of the funds.

Local pledge dollars are needed to reach our $750,000- $1 million goal.  See the MRG page. We do not get there without your help.